Zero Day

Voxel Engine

Our Senior year DigiPen Project for 2019. We continued to refactor, optimize and add to the engine used in VoxelParty to improve performance, as well as rethink the gameplay loop and continued polish.

High Concept

A 3-D first-person shooter with parkour-style movement, set in a fully destructible voxel world, in which the player must pass through a variety of insane training simulations.


The parkour from VoxelParty had additions in the ledge grabbing, wall sliding and quick turning states. This allowed slower players to be able to have more time to do complex or chain movements. The weapons had gone under a significant overhaul, allowing more robust customization of the weapons, what they fired, and all of the parameters related to stamp and object creation.

Development Notes

Many of the systems in place had multiple layers of polish added. The movement was more responsive and stuck the ground, the detection for parkour had been increased, and interpolations for many actions had been added. Animations were added to the character to help visually provide feedback. The weapon system had become parameterized, and editable via editor or JSON, and could be directly hot loaded into the game. The attributes in the weapon system ranged from hitscan to projectile, damage values and ranges, explosion sizes, to even creating other objects and modifying the world.


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