Custom Engine

A Voxel Engine created from scratch using C++17 features in 1 year.

This was featured at the DigiPen Pax West booth in 2018.

High Concept

A 3-D, Parkour FPS where players explore destructible worlds.


TestStringThis contains a polished version of the movement that was prototyped in Sequence. Listening to the feedback and requests from my team, I added some extra movement mechanics. These included a double jump, the ability to ground pound, which removes your fall speed cap, and creates a crater that scales with the speed you land with, and a dash/bash resembling the Kool-Aid man's signature crashing through walls. The weapons system that I worked on has the ability to equip weapons in both hands, and each weapon could have different functionality. We had a variety of weapons, from a rocket launcher to a machine gun, and even a bridge gun. Most of these were not included in the final build, unfortunately.

Development Notes

During this project, I begun to parameterize much more of my code, allowing it to be data driven and run in from files. Because this was a custom engine built from scratch in a year, I had worked on some of the important back-end systems, like our Event Messaging System, allowing communication between entities and being one of the primary ways to call functions between systems. One of the hardships of developing an engine from scratch, is that many of the core systems are not yet in place, which requires hack fixes and can be hard to merge these systems together. Plenty of my code, such as my work on the Movement Controller, required updates due to later additions in the engine. Movement had come before physics, so I spent a lot of time with our physics programmer to modify the code to help with the implementation of the player's collider. This happened with many other gameplay mechanics and systems.


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